Our students subtitled award-winning short films in English. More specifically, being guided by the image and their inexhaustible imagination, they created their own stories and dialogues in the English language using a special subtitling program.

Thus, our students had the opportunity to explore the magical world of “subtitling” through a quite pleasant and constructive process. The subtitled films were then presented to the rest students of our school and all our students exchanged opinions and ideas!

  • With the slogan “Adopt, don't shop!”, our A’ Class students completed the subtitling of the film Take me home (2016) in the English language, which deals with animal adoption.
  • Our little detectives of B’ Class solved the case! Based on image, they created their own story and in the end, caught the “murderer”(Defective Detective, 2011)!
  • A story which praises love and dreams, the story of Carl Fredricksen and his beloved Ellie (Up, 2009), was subtitled in the English language by our C' Class students and the result was particularly touching!